PCV Bus Driver Training

Learn to become an exceptional driver with our PCV training. Driving a bus isn’t only about making a good amount of money but it’s all about concentrating on the road, customer service, keeping everyone safe, patience and confidence. We equip you up with all these things to turn you into an expert. Whether you are looking to drive a bus, coach or a minibus, our PCV bus driver training is what you need to excel at your job. We take you step by step throughout the entire process with comfort and ease.


With a following list of few easy requirement policies, you can be eligible to enrol in our PCV bus driver training.

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to be able to drive a Passenger carrying vehicle.
  • You must hold a valid car licence.
  • You must be medically fit to handle a bus or a coach. You must not have any disabilities.

With these easy requirements, you are welcome to enrol in our PCV bus driver training and get your hands on your certificate of professional competence (CPC) in order to drive a bus. Our instructors hold mock up tests and assessments to prepare you for your licence test with the authorities.


Once you are enrolled in our PCV bus driver training and all set to continue, we train you how to:

Follow the rules and regulations of the road.
Drive, reverse and park the bus properly.
Greet the passengers and help them if required.
Follow the safety standards.
Carry out the minor fixtures.
Drive efficiently under extreme weather conditions.
Carry out daily assessments of the vehicle.
Follow the provided route.
Avoid hazardous situations and objects.
Carry out customer service at its best.


Every coming day there are over a thousand bus driver jobs in London listed over the internet. This clearly shows us that the job market right now is all about hiring only. With our PCV bus driver training, you can have a respectable career that pays well in terms of money and growth. Do you know you can easily make up to £30,000 per annum with this position? This can grow to higher digits with experience, skill and time in the transportation and logistics industry. If you start on the right foot, you are bound to make progress by a 100%.